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War Journal, 4th edition

anunisani 1331, January 1915, 24×34 cm
Kireçtepe Gendarmerie Martyrdom Monument and
Anafartalar Group Commander Colonel Mustafa Kemal.

On the cover of the 4th issue of Harp Mecmuası, at Kireçtepe on the Gallipoli Peninsula
Under the photograph of Atatürk in front of the monument made by veteran soldiers with artillery shells, it is written

“The size of Kireçtepe in Çanakkale
“Those blessed martyrs who sacrificed their lives at every moment, without a word.

War Journal , 2nd edition – Page 22

this page brings together important figures of history.
Enver Pasha, the Minister of War,
Şehzade Şerafettin Efendi, who would later study at the Theresian and Potsdam Military Academies, and
the hero of Anafartalar and the founder of modern Turkey,
then known as Miralay (Colonel) Mustafa Kemal Bey.
Below the photographs, the following are written in the following order;

Deputy Commander-in-Chief Enver Pasha
On the right: Accompanied by Izzet Pasha of the Ayan
Left: 200 metres from the enemy trench on the Gallipoli battle front

His Holiness Şerafettin Efendi
The first little prince who successfully fired a bullet at the enemy from fifteen steps from the trench at the Gallipoli war front.
Anafartalar Group Commander Miralay Mustafa Kemal Bey