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War Journal , Page 2

Çanakkale front hero Seyit Onbaşı Safer 1334,
December 1915, 24×34 cm
Cover photo text:
“A strong heroic soldier carrying a 215kg shell on his back at the Gallipoli fortifications: Mehmed Oğlu Seyyid is an example of our army’s passion for war”

War Journal , 4th edition – Page 22

he top photograph on the left page shows three Ottoman princes (Abdürrahim Efendi, Abdülhalim Efendi and Osman Fuat Efendi, President of Fenerbahçe) visiting the Çanakkale front, together with Vehip Pasha, Commander of the Army, and İsmet İnönü, the second President of the Republic of Turkey, who was Vehip Pasha’s chief of staff at the time.

The photograph at the bottom says “Vehip Pasha and the Chief of Staff on a motorboat in the Dardanelles”. Also on this page, an article signed by Süleyman Nazif and titled “Istanbul is our eternal capital” begins with the lines “Homeland is like good health, its value is recognised only after it is gone”.

In the first of the photographs on the right-hand page, Deputy Commander-in-Chief Enver Pasha and the then Minister of Justice İbrahim Bey, who held the rank of honorary cavalry lieutenant, are shown on their way to the 5th Army headquarters by torpedo boat on the Gallipoli battle front.

The second photograph is quite interesting. Let us leave the word to the text under the photograph:
“As a result of a quarter of an hour of aerial combat and Gatling gun fire with our aircraft, a double-sided French aircraft, which was coming over Seddülbahir and raining bombs on the delegation seen in the picture, was surprised by the fierce attack of our aircraft taking off from the opposite side and did not have time to escape and a photograph taken when the pilot was reversed and surrendered to the ground.
The aviator midshipman, whose picture is also included in the column, was the hero of this incident and was promoted to captain and awarded with a gold medal of merit, and has so far succeeded in shooting down four enemy aircraft in this field.”