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She was the fourth pre-dreadnought of the Royal Navy to be known by this name. With a length of 132 meters, a width of 23 meters and a draft of 7.9 meters, the battleship was commissioned in 1902 and undertook her first mission in the same year under the command of the British Mediterranean Fleet. HMS Irresistible was included in the United Fleet, which was organized by the decision of the Allied Powers to force the Çanakkale strait and occupy İstanbul to force the surrender of the Ottoman Empire. In the Battle of March 18, 1915, HMS Irresistible, which was wounded under the fire of the Anatolian and Rumeli Mecidiye bastions in the Çanakkale strait , hit a mine on the starboard side while taking evasive maneuvers. Since there was no possibility of towing, she was evacuated approximately 9.1 km from Rumeli Mecidiye Bastion, especially under the fire of Dardanos batteries, sank at approximately 19.30 hours.


The Canopus class pre-dreadnought battleship, which served in the Royal Navy, was completed in April 1902 and commissioned in the British Navy. The battleship, which has a length of 128.5 m, a width of 22.6 m and a draft of 7.9 m, was deployed in the defense of the Suez Canal when World War I started, and in January 1915 in the Battle of Gallipoli. She took part in the group forcing the Çanakkale strait in February and March, and in the Gallipoli landings in April and May. HMS Vengeance was decommissioned in 1920.


HMS Ocean, a member of the Canopus class, with a length of 128.5 m, a width of 22.6 m and a draft of 7.9 m, joined the British Navy on February 20, 1900. After the outbreak of World War I, the ship participated in some operations around the island of Ireland by taking part in the Channel Fleet, and in February 1915, she was assigned for the Gallipoli Operation and joined the combined fleet with the transfer to the Mediterranean.On March 18, 1915, while HMS Ocean was being withdrawn under intense fire from the Dardanos and Soğandere batteries, her steering gear was shattered by the hit of a shell fired from the Rumeli Mecidiye bastion at around 17.30. The hit rendered Ocean unable to maneuver and she hit a mine laid by Nusrat around 18.05 hours. Evacuated until 19.30 under the cross fire of the Ottoman artillery from both shores, HMS Ocean drifted to Morto Bay and sank around 22.30.


HMS Triumph, a Swiftsure-class pre-dreadnought of the British Royal Navy. Its construction began in 1902,with the order of the Chilean government, and the project was later acquired by the United Kingdom. She was commissioned into the British Navy in 1904. Weighing 12,370 tons, HMS Triumph had a length of
144.9 m, a beam of 21.7 m and a draft of 8.3 m. Before being assigned to the Mediterranean Fleet in 1909, She served in the Channel Fleet and the Main Fleet. In 1915, HMS Triumph, which joined the combined navy formed for the Gallipoli War and took part in the Gallipoli landings, was torpedoed and sunk between Kaba tepe and Arıburnu by the German submarine U-21 commanded by Otto Hersing on May 25, 1915.