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HMS Cornwallis was a Duncan-class pre-dreadnought of the Royal Navy with a length of 132 m, a beam of 23,01 m, a draft of 7.85 m and a tonnage of 13,270 tons. HMS Cornwallis was commisioned in the British Navy in February 1904. In January 1915, HMS Cornwallis was assigned in the Mediterranean to participate in the Çanakkale operation. HMS Cornwallis fired the first shots of the operation on 19 February during the bombardment of the Ottoman coastal defenses and participated in numerous attacks over the next two months, supporting the landing at Gallipoli on 25 April. HMS Cornwallis bombarded Ottoman troops during the land campaign to enable the Allied advance. She was the last mother ship to leave the Suvla Bay area.

She then served in the Suez Canal patrol and in the East Indian Islands until March 1916, when she returned to the Mediterranean. On January 9, 1917, while patrolling off Malta, she was torpedoed and sunk by the German U-32 submarine.


FS Suffren was the last “classic” French pre-dreadnought. In 1904, her construction was completed and she was commissioned into the French Navy. 125.91 m long, 21.42 m wide and 8.22 m draft, FS Suffren weighed 12,892 tons. FS Suffren, which participated in the Gallipoli operation from 1914, was heavily damaged by coastal artillery on March 18, 1915 and was towed to Toulon and repaired. After repairs, FS Suffren was assigned to support the Gallipoli landings and when the Allied forces retreated, she was assigned to the French fleet off Thessaloniki. On her return to Lorient for major repairs, she was torpedoed by the German submarine U-52 on November 26, 1916 and sank off Lisbon. After the loss of FS Bouvet, this was one of the most tragic losses of the French Navy untıl at that time.


FS Gaulois is one of the three Charlemagne-class pre-dreadnought battleships built for the French Navy. FS Gaulois was commissioned into the French Navy on January 15, 1899. Initially assigned to the Northern Fleet, she was later assigned to the Mediterranean Fleet with FS Charlemagne on September 30, 1899. She took part in the Allied attacks on the Gallipoli Bastions in February and March. On March 18, 1915, FS Gaulois was hit twice and damaged in the massive attack. After being transferred north of Bozcaada for temporary repairs, FS Gaulois was refloated on March 22 and transferred to Toulon escorted by FS Suffren. FS Gaulois, whose repairs were completed at the beginning of June 1915, took part in the landings at Gallipoli after being transferred to the Dardanelles. On December 27, 1915, FS

Gaulois, which was repaired at the Brest shipyard due to grounding, during the transfer to the Çanakkale region to take part in the evacuation of Gallipoli, was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine UB-47 off Cape Maleas at 08.03 when she reached the Cretan Sea while on her way to the Çanakkale region.