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Nusrat Mine sweeper
Mine Group Commander Lt.Commander Nazmi Bey and Ship Commander lieutenant Hakkı Bey

The mines laid by Nusrat changed the fate of the Çanakkale naval operation on March 18, 1915.and earned her the title of “the world’s most famous minelayer”. Nusrat’s mines sank the battleships Bouvet with a crew of 639 men, followed by battleships Irresistible and Ocean.

Muavenet-i Milliye Torpedo Boat and her commander lieutenant Commander Ahmed Saffet (Okkay)

HMS Goliath, one of the fastest ships of her era, on May 13, 1915, In Morto Bay, the Ottoman destroyer Muâvenet-i Milliye sunk by three torpedoes.

Goliath 13 May 1915

Captain Otto Hersing, commander of the German submarine U-21

which made a significant contribution to our victory in Çanakkale by sinking the British warships Triumph and Majestic in front of Gallipoli during the Gallipoli campain of World War I,He was also the first submarine commander to sink a naval ship with torpedoes.

During the war, Hersing was responsible for the sinking of 40 ships (36 merchant and 4 warships), totaling more than 113,000 tons; this made him one of the most successful submarine commanders of the Imperial German Navy.

25 May 1915

27 May 1915