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Hood Battalion, which was a part of the 63rd Royal Naval Division of the British Navy, has a special place in the history of the Gallipoli War as a military force consisting of volunteers. Named after

Named after Admiral Sir Samuel Hood, the battalion was formed long before the start of World War I. The Hood Battalion served in Çanakkale after Antwerp. The battalion staged a mock landing at Bolayır on 25 April 1925, causing German General Liman von Sanders to hold his two divisions there until he realised that no one had actually landed. This was the battalion’s most important action at Gallipoli.

One of the volunteer soldiers in the Hood battalion was the poet Rupert Brooke. Brooke was known for his humanist outlook before the outbreak of World War I. Born in 1887, the poet became depressed when he broke up with Katherine Laird Cox, with whom he had been in love for many years, in 1913. This depression would change his perspective on life, and his address in the army, where he decided to volunteer, would be the Hood battalion. 

Brooke entered the literature with the poems he wrote during the war. He became known as one of the most famous poets of England. However, he fell ill and died on the way. He was buried on the nearby island of Iskiri (Skyros). 

This company became known as the Churchill Company

World War II, he achieved great success by rescuing the British stranded on the beach at Dunkerque. “If 400,000 men can’t get home, home will come to them. Sailors, fishermen, sailors target Dunkerque” W. Churchill