18-22 July 2024


İstanbul Sailing Club – Fenerbahce Peninsula Kadikoy İstanbul

40˚ 58.226’N – 29˚ 2.010’E


Simone Ricci – Full Time

Furkan Özkan – Full Time

Bade Tanoba – Full Time


There are club rooms available for athletes in the İstanbul Sailing Club premises. Rooms are for 4 persons with 2 bunk beds, WC/shower, air condition. Due to limited number of rooms, bookings are made first come first serve basis. Price €50 per room per day.

There are hotels nearby the club. We suggest using web sites for hotel bookings such as or


Restaurants are available in the club. Lunch boxes can be ordered. Each sailor bring his/her own food & drink to the coach boat every day.


Parents are welcome to our club. They can use restaurants within the club. We kindly inform that parents are now allowed at the boat area.


Medium to high. We plan to stay on the water 4-5 hrs/day


550 EUR + VAT


09:30 to 17:30 training (last day will finish 14:00hrs)

Charter Boats:

Charter boats are available on request with a fee of €50/day.
Due to limited number of boats, reservations are made first come first serve basis.

Contact & Registration:

Registration and further information please contact with us from